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The average American spends more time in a day using media devices such as radio, television, iPods, and cell phones than any other activity while awake.1 Media is dynamic and can captivate the attention of viewers and listeners, enabling your message to effectively penetrate their minds.

Although media has great potential, the abundance of existing content creates noise, causing viewers and listeners to glaze over the majority of messages, leaving just a handful to actual penetrate their minds. Therefore, strategy in media campaigns is becoming more important than ever before, to insure your intended message is received by the designated target. The Production Haus leverages boundless creativity and attention-grabbing techniques to create media that transcends the noise and reaches your target.

Applications of media campaigns include online video shorts, TV/radio spots, commercials, marketing/promo DVD's, training/instructional recordings, documentaries, interviews, and more. Contact us to learn how Integrated Marketing Communications can revolutionize your organization.

1 Ball State University, Center for Media Design